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    Karen 220 is open Thursday - Saturday, 11am to 5pm

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    Karen is available Monday - Wednesday by scheduled appointment only.

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    Saturdays are set aside for mini walk-in readings. Hour long readings are by appointment.

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    Karen is also available for Speaking Engagements and Solstice Gatherings.

New Moon In Aquarius/ Chinese New Year: What it Means to You

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Stay tuned, watch for a new location

Karen 220 is now under construction. After November 15th, call Karen for her new location (616) 916-0121.

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I have been consulting and lecturing in astrology for over 20 years in West Michigan.
I started doing astrology professionally in 1992 at the old Spirit Dreams in the building that is now Bombay Cuisine. Since then I got a job teaching school in Grand Rapids Public Schools, first as a classroom teacher then as a traveling art teacher. During that time I lessened my clientele. Later, I got my masters degree in curriculum and administration from Cleveland State University.

Now that I am retired from teaching I enjoy getting dirty again in my own art projects and doing astrology consultations. Over the years I have collected over a hundred books and tapes that I bought at astrology workshops that I use for reference.


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