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Sacred Geometry Art Gallery

  • Fay March & Warren March

    Begins May 13th and runs throughout the summer. Painter Fay March will exhibit her paintings. Her son, Warren March, will show his sculptures. Greeting cards of their work will be available.

    Sacred Geometry Art Show

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2017 Forecast

Karen Klemp

Before I put out my forecast for 2017 let me first say is a forecast not a prediction. Like the weatherman, I don't know anything for sure, however, I am intrigued with planetary relationships and researching what happened in history the last time this relationship occurred. This is the basis for mundane astrology.

The theme for 2017 is NEW BEGINNINGS

The planet that mostly generates this energy is Saturn. Saturn energy is the energy of endings...and of course with every ending is a new beginning....a new foundation.

Right now Saturn is in a balsamic relationship with Pluto...the god of death and reformation. The nature of "balsamic" phase is that of the time just before dawn...the prophetic dream one might have just before they wake up.

Right now Saturn is in Sagittarius and Pluto is the sign ahead in Capricorn. The energy of Pluto in Capricorn is one of a death of old structures. When Saturn joins Pluto in Capricorn December 21, 2017, we will have a clearer picture of what this "new structure" will look like. The most exciting picture, however, is what happens on December 2020 when Saturn is finished with Capricorn and conjunction Jupiter in Aquarius... the dawning of a new age, when we as human beings finally realize we cannot afford to fight each other if we are to survive on this planet? One can only hope.

What happens between 2017 and 2020 then is what this study is all about. In studying this period we will look at how the transits effect the Federal Treasury and how Donald Trumps natal chart interacts with the cosmic changes.

The next chart I want to study is a double wheel comparing Donald Trumps natal chart to the transits of the day of the inauguration in January. One reason why many astrologers, me included, did not think that Trump was going to win the election is because transiting Saturn is conjunct his moon. This is NOT a happy energy. When transiting Saturn positions itself on ones natal moon it can be an indication of heaviness, often depression. It is a time of being forced to emotionally face the facts...

Saturn forces us to take life on it's own terms. So then we look at Trump's Saturn in his natal chart. It is with his Venus. Perhaps he never feels like he has enough money... or love ( both Venus issues) transiting Uranus (the god of disruption) is squaring it as well as Jupiter (the god of expansion) is also squaring his Saturn and Venus. This could possibly mean that Donald is wanting more... or could possibly represent (Uranus square Venus) that he is brought to court for his financial dealings (sudden attacks on finances). If someone came into my office in Spring Lake with their Venus squaring Uranus and Jupiter, I would tell them there is a tendency to spend too much money, that this is not a good time for speculation.

As president of the United States it definitely is a time for Trump to step back. If Trump relies on his comrades for advice it all could turn out all right. However, especially because it is a cardinal square and opposition... quick decisions could be made that would be to his detriment.

As a side note****

The last time we had a SUPER MOON like November 2016 was when Harry Truman shocked the world and upset the presidential election against Thomas Dewey. This was back in 1916. No one thought Truman would win.

Another presidential comparison is the election of Herbert Hoover. Hoover, like Trump, had no political background but was a millionaire. He told the people he would run the country the way he ran his business. As it is presently, both the Senate and House of Representatives won the majority and the White House. Hoover promised a "chicken in every pot" and within a year of election America experienced the worst depression in history.

Well, I don't think that can happen again, however, Trump has some very large decisions to make about the national debt of our country.

With that in mind let's look at the horoscope of the Federal Reserve Board and how the transits relate to it. The last time Saturn went into Capricorn was 1988 shortly after the first stock market crash. The signature of transits of 2017 through 2020 are much more pronounced then in the eighties.

Transiting Saturn is conjunct the Reserve Board's mercury which is opposite its own Saturn... a heavy Saturn energy. Saturn holds issues accountable, therefore, the Feds will be coming up for a lot of scrutiny. It will be forced to be held accountable for its actions. This could possibly result in higher interest rates or more stringent lending requirements, probably due to inflationary pressures, however, ... this is a financial crisis.

Because of a fear of a recession, it could revert to more accommodating measures.

Keep in mind, though, the nature of Saturn us to restrict.

The possibility of a power play with congress or the White House is also revealed. Transiting Saturn is opposed to the Feds Pluto. (oppositions are often confrontations) this could result in one structure wanting to uproot the other. Federal bank could be terminated altogether. With transiting Pluto in hard aspect to the ascendant... it could be wiped out. Old making way for the new.

In this chart we also see Uranus (the planet of unexpected changes) will be squaring Neptune and Jupiter in the natal chart of the Feds. March 24, 2017 through April 1, 2018. As I mentioned earlier with Trump's chart, these hard aspects can mean excessive spending. Keep in mind astrology only describes the issues not the outcomes in the same way a weather person can see a front coming in but isn't sure how it will play out.

As I wrote before 2017 to 2020 marks a time of unrest to prepare for a NEW AGE.

Chart for 2020

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Chart for 2020

Chart for Donald Trump

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Chart for Donald Trump

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I have been consulting and lecturing in astrology for over 20 years in West Michigan.
I started doing astrology professionally in 1992 at the old Spirit Dreams in the building that is now Bombay Cuisine. Since then I got a job teaching school in Grand Rapids Public Schools, first as a classroom teacher then as a traveling art teacher. During that time I lessened my clientele. Later, I got my masters degree in curriculum and administration from Cleveland State University.

Now that I am retired from teaching I enjoy getting dirty again in my own art projects and doing astrology consultations. Over the years I have collected over a hundred books and tapes that I bought at astrology workshops that I use for reference.


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